Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tribute handed out.

They asked me to say a few words about Gerry at the service.
I'm not exactly sure what I said. I had written a few notes which I ignored.
I knew all this stuff about Gerry being called "the Loved One" did not seem quite
right to me. Why did everybody love Gerry? It was because he gave out so much love.
Gerry was really the "Everlovin Man"

Apart from "Sad Dark Eyes" which was the Loved Ones "split up" song, I never wrote a song with Gerry that did not have the word love in the title.
I have not wriiten one since with love in the title.

Dawn on the Thames Dec 14th
Across from my Hotel

Gound Zero

Hits a bit harder when you see the box

Recieved this from Kim

" We always suspected Gerry was the culprit in spreading the rumour theat he was Barry Humphries' brother. He may as well have been for the Peter Pan effect he had on thousands of kids locked up in the suburbs. It was a call of the wild that was heard in the mid sixties and contributed in no small way to a mass exodus from the sleepy dreams of many parents. We were teenagers playing Jazz, already fans of Dame Edna and along came Gerry! It was like the second coming with a very wild, hilarious Jesus. I have had a tough secret service agent break down in tears and thank Gerry and the Band for getting him out of Murrumbeena and saving him from a dreary fate. Our next Prime Minister's favourite singer of all time? Gerry.
If you are listening Gerry-- just f*** off and enjoy the trip. Bright lights are good. Keep away from dull lights. Be quick. Sing. Play. Be Amazed."

Setting up the PA - Gerry's brother Steve put the music together -all good stuff


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Blogger jackg said...

Yes, I really want to add some comments here..........My friend Michael and I were totally rapt in TheLoved Ones in 1966. We played the single & EP to just about smithereens. I remember like it was yesterday, Mike and I went to the Polish Hall here in Launceston, to see Gerry and The Loved Ones. Mike to this day remembers a chick cutting off a piece of Gerrys bottom trouser leg with a pair of scissors !!! But, I dont remember seeing this. We were both flushed with excitement. It was a great night for us. We both adored "Blueberry Hill"-- what a fine rendition it is, and still sounds good today.....huh? today???....Im 60 this year, but still dig The Loved Ones. So sad to hear of Gerrys passing. I remember him today, and play the LP. What a wonderful memorial--"Gerrys Last Gig I thank you for putting it together. Jack G

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